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BOV Report (FMV Report)* defined:  Broker Opinion of Value Report.  A credible and defensible Fair Market Value opinion report, required for regulatory compliance, e.g., compliance with the Federal Stark Law**.


Medical leases.  BOV (FMV) Report is required by the Federal Government when a hospital or medical related landlord refers patients to a tenant.

Other leases. Where landlord or tenant wants to know fair market lease rate for an area.

Each BOV Report (Fair Market Value Report) consists of three sections:

BOV Reports cost US$500.00, and are typically available within one week, or less.

CONTACT:  Ken C. Falk, CCIM***, of Kenneth C. Falk Real Estate Broker, Inc.  Experienced, commercial real estate BOV (FMV) provider for national and multi-national companies, qualified to do BOV Reports (FMV Reports) coast-to-coast, and beyond.

BOV Reports are also referred to as Fair Market Value (FMV) Reports. We have completed about 2,000 Broker Opinion of Value Reports/Fair Market Value Reports from Hawaii, to Alaska, to the Virgin Islands.  Mr. Falk has held active real estate Broker’s licenses from coast-to-coast, and is a licensed real estate broker in Virginia.

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*      Fair Market Value (FMV):  Also referred to an an Broker Opinion of Value Report (BOV), is an estimate of the market value of a lease or property, based on what a knowledgeable, willing and unpressured lessee/buyer would probably pay to a knowledgeable, willing and unpressured lessor/seller in the market.
**    Federal Stark Law:  To fall under the jurisdiction of the Stark Law, a lease must be signed, and of at least one year duration.  The law states a BOV Report (FMV Report) must be available before a new, modified or renewed lease can be signed.
*** Certified Commercial Investment Member.  The CCIM Institute is part of the National Association of Realtors.  The CCIM Designation is considered the PhD of commercial real estate.